Swine and Roses

The Barony of the White Waters Presents

Potawatomi Wildlife Park

16998 state road 331

Bourbon, IN 46504


Site Opens: 5 p.m on Friday July 14th, 2017

Site Closes: Noon on Sunday July 16th, 2017

Pre-Registration Postmarked by June 24th should be sent to:

Jennifer Romine

19236 Kern Road

South Bend IN, 46614

Site Fee (includes camping):

Adult: $15

Member Discount: $5

Children under 12: Free

Merchants: Free with pre-registration site fee

Family Cap: $48

Site Fee at Gate:

Adult: $17

Member Discount: $5

Children under 12: Free

Family Cap $48

Saturday Inn: $5

Saturday Above Salt Feast: $12 per person

Saturday Below Salt Buffet: $6 per person

There will be RapierArmored Combat, Archery & Thrown Weapons,

A&S Competition and Children's Activities.

Schedule of Activities

We will be hosting a Modified Pearl Tournament:

Every (landed & unlanded) Baroness (or Rose) may choose a champion(s) to take part in each one of our Champion tournaments that we will be offering. For every champion tournament they have a champion fighting in, they will receive a point. Additional points will be rewarded based on their champions rankings in the tournaments.

Event Staff

Want to help out? Sign up for volunteering opportunities here:


 Autocrat: Baroness Verena Entenwirth

Deputy: Lady Symonne de Poitiers