Swine and Roses

The Barony of the White Waters Presents

Potawatomi Wildlife Park

16998 state road 331

Bourbon, IN 46504


Site Opens: 5 p.m on Friday July 14th, 2017

Site Closes: Noon on Sunday July 16th, 2017

Site Fee (includes camping):

Pre-Registration Postmarked by June 24th

Adult: $15

Member Discount: $5

Children under 12: Free

Merchants: Free with pre-registration site fee

Family Cap: $48

Site Fee at Gate:

Adult: $17

Member Discount: $5

Children under 12: Free

Family Cap $48

Saturday Inn: $5

Saturday Above Salt Feast: $12 per person

Saturday Below Salt Buffet: $6 per person

There will be RapierArmored Combat, Archery & Thrown Weapons,

A&S Competition and Children's Activities.

Schedule of Activities

We will be hosting a Modified Pearl Tournament:

Every (landed & unlanded) Baroness (or Rose) may choose a champion(s) to take part in each one of our Champion tournaments that we will be offering. For every champion tournament they have a champion fighting in, they will receive a point. Additional points will be rewarded based on their champions rankings in the tournaments.

We will also be hosting a  Pig Iron Chef:

We could not have a pig themed event without a Pig Iron Chef.

On Saturday at 9am, swing by the A&S area and pick up your “Pig” Bag. Inside will be various FRESH ( ie from the butcher that week) pork products, fresh herbs, and possibly some secret fun ingredients. You have until 3pm to cook and plate your entries. At 3pm, these entries will be presented to Pearls present that day.  From 3:30-4:00, the Pearls will try out each of the entries and then vote for their favorite:

Winners will include:

Best use of the pig

Best incorporation of rose (rose as an ingredient or in plating or plated as)

Best tasting

Most original.

For more information and to reserve a “pig” bag, please email the event steward (You do not need to register ahead of time, however we would like a general idea of how many people will be entering, additional bags after the reserved ones will be on a first come basis.)

Event Staff

 Autocrat: Baroness Verena Entenwirth

Deputy: Lady Symonne de Poitiers