Event Staff

Swine and Roses 2017 Event Staff

Please direct any questions to these lovely people 

Autocrat: Baroness Verena Entenwirth (whitewaterschatelaine {at} gmail {dot} com)

Drop Dead Deputy: Lady Symonne de Poitiers (wcmarkin@gmail.com)

Food Coordinator: The Honorable Lady Tegan Marie Silvertree (WhiteWatersmoas@gmail.com)

Set up & Clean Up Organizer: Sgt. Sigenandus Blitz (sigandus {at} gmail {dot} com)

Armored Marshal: Baron Fergus MacPherson (Baronfergusmacpherson@gmail.com)

Rapier Marshal: Tualaith of Sternfeld (Foxzgal@hotmail.com)

Archery Marshal: Ian Tanin De Northwode (oakpark_in@yahoo.com)

Thrown Weapons Marshal: Lord Artair

Children Activities: Lady Livith Norwode (NovemberWitch63@gmail.com)

Security: Lord Sylvertree 

Volunteer Coordinator: Sebastian Hunzicker (roy.lynnm@gmail.com)

Merchants Coordinator: Baroness Elspeth (baronesselspeth {at}gmail {dot} com)

Artisan's Row: OPEN

Royalty Liason: Baroness Zafira of White Waters and Lady Livith Norwode

Music & Tavern Entertainment Organizer: Sebastian Hunzicker