Feast Menu and Pig Iron Chef Information

Stewardess of Delicious Foods:

The Honorable Lady Tegan Marie Silvertree

Please email any food allergies to WhiteWatersmoas@gmail.com before June 24th!

What would a Pig themed event be without… well the pig? That is right, the whole roasted pig is coming back to swine and roses. We have an amazing Feast designed by Her Ladyship Tegan, who just came off co-event stewarding the great feast at Crown. She has really gone above and beyond to construct a period feast filled with pork, roses, and pig themed whimsy.

On the table will be black bread with butter and a red wine cheese made with home brewed vinegars by His Lordship Oswyn Swann.

The 1st remove will be a beef and bacon pie accompanied by Roman Buttered Carrots. For the second remove, we need to make sure we included fresh rooted mushrooms that were hunted by our swines. Therefore, we will have Mushroom Tarts and the mini hogs who found them. 
If you have any room left in your stomach, we will have the main course which is a spit roasted pig and roasted root vegetables. For the final dessert course there will be red wine and spice poached pear, mini pig pies filled with figs and homemade cream cheese rosettes served with an aperitif of varies Rose themed liquors (for those over 21).

For those who are camping (and you really want to camp) but who don’t want to do feast, we also will a below the salt buffet. After all, we still want you to have your fill of pig. The below salt buffet will include roasted pig and vegetables, homebrewed cider based coleslaw, and bread pudding.

We do recommend you pre-register if possible for either the feast or the buffet as we would hate to run out of pig (not that we think that is possible).

Swine & Roses Feast:
$12 per person
We highly recommend you reserve your spot

On the Table:

Black Bread
Homemade Red Wine Cheese
Homemade Butter 
Rose Drinks*

1st Remove: 
 Beef and Bacon Pie
Salad Greens


Cucumber Salad

2nd Remove: 
Mushroom Tarts 
Mini individualize Hogs

3rd Remove: 

Spit Roasted Pig
Roasted Root Vegetables

Strawberry Sauce


Poached Pears with Cream Cheese Rosettes
Figgy Piggy Pies

Rose Cordial*

* Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic version donated by the Drunken Duck. IDs will be checked for the alcoholic versions.

Below the Salt Buffet:
$6 per person (We recommend you reserve your spot to make sure we have enough pig)
Spit Roasted Pig
Roasted Root Vegetables
Homemade Bread Pudding
Cider Based Coleslaw