Hounding Coursing

Course Setup -8am
Hound and Handler Check in -9am
Coursing begins - 10am

Hound Coursing is open to all breeds.  However, dogs must be at least one year of age, and in good health to run.  Please bring proof of current immunizations, including Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Kennel Cough (Bordatella).  If you are planning to course your dog, please withhold the morning meal, and water sparingly prior to the run, if weather permits.  For more information about hound coursing rules, please see the Hound Coursing Handbook at http://www.midrealm.org/marshal/coursing_marshal.php

Coursing is a weather-dependent activity, and cancellation is subject to the discretion of the Coursing Marshals and Event Staff.  But, rain or shine, please join us for Hound meet and greet, and socializing.  If you're not a dog owner, you're still welcome to participate in other aspects of coursing, or to cheer the hounds on!  Dogs who are not eligible to course due to age or injury are welcome to hang out.  However, dogs must be on leash at all times when not coursing, and dog owners are responsible for control, supervision of their hound, and cleanup of any dog waste.  

Coursing MIC