Our Schedule updates as we add activities to it. 

Queen's Brunch and Hound Social, Saturday, July 15 at 10:00am. 

Hosted by Baroness Elspeth of White Waters and sponsored by The Constellation Coursing Guild

Come and have brunch with Her Majesty Isolde and meet the hounds of her kingdom! This is open to all members of the populace as well as any hound, coursing or non coursing.

Brunch and all utensils are provided by the Guild

We will be hosting a Modified Pearl Tournament:

Every (landed & unlanded) Baroness (or Rose) may choose a champion(s) to take part in each one of our Champion tournaments that we will be offering. For every champion tournament they have a champion fighting in, they will receive a point. Additional points will be rewarded based on their champions rankings in the tournaments.