Schedule of Events

Here is our preliminary schedule.  There may be changes as this is "SCA Time".  Please consult the official schedule when you arrive at the event.

9:00 a.m. Site Opens

Armored: Marshal In Charge Lady Amalasuentha ins Bairaz (Blake Borek)

9:00-10:00: Auths and pick ups

10:00-noon: Round Robin Tourney (Prize is the traveling sword) 

Noon-1:00: Lunch/ Pick Up Fights (If marshals are present)

1:00-2:00: The Christmas Bar Brawl 

Christmas Bar Brawl

Two teams of fighters facing off against eachother with everyday objects as weapons. 

Rapier: Marshal In Charge Lord Artair (George Romine)

9:00-10:00 Inspections and authorizations

10:00-11:00 Youth play / Pick UP

11:00-12:00 Naughty or nice Tourney

12:00-1:00 Lunch / Pick up fights (If marshals are present)

1:00-2:00 Kill the Grinch (Traveling Prize Tourney)

2:00 – court: Pick up fights


Naughty or nice

Naughty – most wins

Nice - Fighters Vote on best attitude and representation of our sport


Kill the Grinch

                Fighters will circle up in a Valhalla circle match. Upon lay on no fighter can throw first blow to the opponents on their immediate left or right side all others are fair game for the first attack.

                Once you are killed you will leave the field till the person who killed you is vanquished then you may return to fight again.

                One all have defeated and only one fighter remains the Grinch (Defender Warder Don Adam) will enter the list to accept the challenge of the victor.

                If the challenger wins the tourney is over. If the Grinch wins all opponents previously killed fighters return to the list to take on the Grinch. All rules from first round still in effect

                To win you must be the one who dispatched the Grinch and be the last man standing. In the case of the Grinch and the last man standing are different people the tourney will be decided by a one on one duel from the two winners of the criteria.

There is no death from behind.

Archery: Marshal In Charge Lord Ian Tannin de Northwode (Doug Markell) 

9:00-Noon Inspections, Authorizations and Open Shoot

1:30-? Championship Shoot 

?-5:00 Open shoot when championships are done

* If you will be competing for the prize, you will need to donate an extra $5 toy, for each tourney you wish to compete in.